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I Spy Nature
Security / Atech Brand / Welaunch 2
Burger Music Live
Cobra Night / Breitling
Bond / Waitrose Magazine
Scotland Rugby World Cup / Radio Times
Christoper Nolan programme / The Centquatre Paris
What Our Members Want / Rotary Magazine
Future Housing / Big Issue
Pretty Boy / Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds (Robert Smith Remix)
Get Ready For Color / Kodak
All Together / Stripe
Vivo Rio Pro 23
Memories of Earth
Wear La Rose / O2
Nanodevices / Trinity College Dublin
Mazinger / Mecha
Prototype 2 / Myth and Mogul: John Delorean' / Netflix Original Series
Catch Me If You Can
Green Standards / Aircraft Interiors International Magazine 1
New York City / Stella Artois
Emergency Exit / Pilot Magazine
Sunday Times iPad Cover
Walter Hood / Dwell
Hello Sanrio 2017
The Eternal Empire / The New Statesman
Escape Velocity / Erewhon Books
Navigating Risk and Disruption / MIT's Sloan Management Review
Spider Man Slinging
Puma F1 Video
Museum Vaults 2121
Clinic saves lives : Metro.jpg
Sportswear Shop
The Clash of Two Gilded Ages / Noema Gilded Ages
Mythes Egyptiens
Ireland Rugby World Cup / Radio Times
Fujisan / Personal work
Data Center 1 / Modus Magazine
Easy Now / Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Map of Kennington / Personal work
Cactus Guitar
Maclaren F1 Engine
War Globe
Tani / Paralympics
Call Me
Up It Goes
Brecon Rhythms 1
The Iron Wolf / Ted Hughes
Breathe Animation
Beach Beer Bucket / Carlsberg
Person Of The Year / Time
Deus Poster
Trouble With The Green / Stornoway
Interview For Ethics Adviser / i Newspaper
I Just Wanna
Flight Of The Conchords 1 / Empire Magazine
Porsche Tokyo Takeover
Swagger / Old Spice
The World Putin Made / Foreign Affairs Cover
Folio Society / Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? / Binding
Charging station / IEEE Spectrum Magazine
Redefining Energy Security / Foreign Affairs Magazine
Mountain Landscape
Smart Traffic Lights 1 / Traffic Technology Magazine
The Fascinators book cover / HarperCollins US
Panam Sneaker
Pole Vault
Crack The Code 3 / BetVictor
Braes of Glenlivet Whisky Pattern
The Wanderer
Dacia Why
Nude Ego
Fresh Groceries / Gorillas
Of Feathers And Thorns / Kit Vincent
Swimming / Procreate
Pride / Google Meets
Travel Planner / British Airways
Movie Quiz / British Airways
16oz Seltzer Ensemble / New Hokkaido
Chinatown Bangkok
Prince Alfred Pub Sign / Young Pubs 3
Give Up
New Scientist 1
Disney / Barron's Magazine
FOX / Variety Magazine Cover
Napoleon / Empire Magazine
The Mandolorian Series 3 / Empire Magazine
Vulcan / Aston Martin 7
St George Crown
St George Knight
Climate change report / AXA
The Kid Who Would Be King
The Empress Tarot Deck / Insight Editions
Northwind / Gary Paulsen
Shuriken Burger II
Are You Safe / Los Angeles Magazine
Energy Shcok / Economist
Ident / Channel 4
Tower installation animation / James Daw at Hart Hotel
Friendly Tree
Sofia / Mercedes Benz
Pilot 6 / The Box / The Map / Office
Sebastian Vettel
Caterer Confidential / You Magazine
Push Things Forward
Musings feature / Pilot Magazine
Hip - Hop Mexico / Spotify
LA 'Force9' / Nike
The Last Shadow Puppets / Everything
Mortality / MIT Technology Review
Weird Series / Haydenshapes / Detail 1
Ferrari F1-75
Uniform for the People / ASDA George Video
Banana's Journey / Childfood - Recipes for Young Coolinary Explorers
Blotter. A Film Noir... On Acid



BSME Awards 2023 Shortlist

In this years BSME Awards we are pleased to announce three Debut Art represented artists have been selected for the shortlist of 'Cover of the Year - Consumer'. The artists are; Lisa Sheehan, Justin Metz and Peter Crowther. The full awards shortlist can be seen here.


American Illustration Awards Winners

We're very pleased to announce that the following Début Art represented artists have all been selected as winners at the recent American Illustration Awards; Christian Gralingen, Justin Metz, Peter Strain, The Red Dress, Viktor Koen and Xinmei Liu.

AlanBerry RhysWB2 copy.jpg

Alan Berry Rhys / Pacifico

Alan Berry Rhys was commissioned to create a series of pinball table glass designs for Pacifico. The final working machines form part of a bar tour in the US to promote Pacifico Clara. You can see more of Alan’s work here


Chris Labrooy / Breitling

Chris Labrooy was commissioned by Breitling watches to create a series of images to promote their Top Time classics range. Chris’ images form a retro futuristic California road trip with the Shelby Cobra Top Time Watch and were used across social media by Breitling. More of Chris' work can be seen here


Deb JJ Lee / BMW

Deb JJ Lee was commissioned by BMW to create an illustration to celebrate, show solidarity and reinforce their commitment to diversity over Pride month. The illustration is being used across all of BMW’s social channels through out Pride month. You can see more of Deb's work here


Marta Cerda / Nike / Haaland 'Force9'

Marta Cerda was commissioned by Nike to create a new logo for footballer Erling Haaland to celebrate his return to the Nike family. The logo will be used across branding and merchandise globally. You can see more of Marta's work here.


World Illustration Awards 2023

We are pleased to announce that Lisa Sheehan has been featured in the World Illustration Awards 2023 shortlist for two different pieces, 'Carbon Footprint' originally commissioned by Scholastic, and 'Who Wants to Own a Hotel Now?' commissioned by the Financial Times Weekend Magazine. Also included in the World Illustration Awards 2023 Longlist were; 'Return to Legoland' by Bartosz Kosowski, commissioned for a film festival by Argomedia, another piece by Lisa Sheehan, 'Blood Sport' -a cover illustration for Mother Jones magazine, 'Reisefieber', a self-initiated piece by Marcin Wolski, and 'Shanghai Under Lockdown' by Xinmei Liu, commissioned by The New York Times.

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