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Featured Works

Eye-tracking / Atlanta Magazine
Rawi Hage / Maclean's
TopGear Miami / BBC
Erling Haaland 'Force9' / Nike
BMW i5
Crack The Code 4 / BetVictor
Galaxy Book Pro 360 / Samsung
Data Center 1 / Modus Magazine
Maserati Bora / Influx Magazine
West Ham / Europa Conference League Final
Pretty Boy / Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds (Robert Smith Remix)
Cobra / Breitling
Tiger Warrior
Yaguareté & Tucán
Grand Yozakura / Glenfiddich
Ferrari F1-75
Dragon For Design Shanghai Animation / Clarion Events.
Design is Hope / Collins
Avo Good Day Animation
Sweet Briar College / Alumni Magazine
Safari Camel 1 / Porsche
Brain / La Quinta
Museum Of The Future
Megaphone / JET
Snap It With Pepsi TVC
Prototype / Myth and Mogul: John Delorean' / Netflix Original Series
End of the Star System / The Chronicle for Higher Education 1
Record Your Snow Ride 2
Groomzilla / Mail On Sunday
Genesis Animated / V&A Museum
Imola Poster / AMG F1
Pegusus Prototype / Nike
Weird Series / Haydenshapes / Detail
Oxfam Soldier
Super Man And Bugs Bunny
Glenn T. Miller digital painting / In Trust Magazine
Red Bull F1 vs Akira
Hidden Shapes / Bahlsen
AT&T animation
Telescope Eye
T-Shirt Graphic / Adidas
Faster Than Wind
AI and Neurotechnology feature / CACM Magazine
Corporate Financier
Mythes Grecs
Nordic 7
Hello You
Red Fox
1 / Fistful of Bourbon 1
A Symphony of Scent / Surf / Unilever
James Bond 007 Sean Connery Pell Mell & Woodcote
Neurodegeneration / Science Magazine
Swallows and Amazons
Juicy Snake Melons
Museum Vaults 2121
Faust Lager Poster
Smart Animals / Answers Magazine
Microsoft Windows 7
Glenfiddich / Grand Yozakura 1
Going Dark / Influnce Magazine
1 / Superhero Lair 1 / Audi E-Tron
Illustrations For First Ever Ted Baker Ad Campaign / Ted Baker London
Chinatown Bangkok
Plover / Atlanta Magazine
Hey Hey My My
Belfer / CanalPlus
Drawing / Stornoway
Cuts / The Guardian
Legs Meet Room / jetBlue
Banquet / The Wedding Party / Amazon Publishing
David Attenborough
Gene Vincent
Bonkerz Animation
I Just Wanna
Car Painting
Crypto Bull
Charging station / IEEE Spectrum Magazine
Shavata Brow Studio Beauty
Star Wars
Mein Berliner Würfel
23rd Annual Croquetball / Penfield Children's Center
Book Covers / Poetry Society of America
Unknown Ability
Tenderstem Broccoli Animation
Mary / Bao Bao
Tech Trends 1
Cotton Snapchat Ad
Shooting Stars
Be Kreativ / Beck's Beer 1
Tesco Mobile Christmas 1
Flying Lime / Ugly
Invader 1
Body of Work / UCL
The Dark Fable book cover 2 / Bloomsbury US
Buy Buy Buy Cover / Corporate Financier Magazine 1
Why Eyes
Alex Wurz
The Go! Team / Rolling Blackouts Collage
Oreo Bagel
Azumi / Maniac
Big Fish
The Empress Tarot Deck / Insight Editions
Brew Free Or Die Cold
Duel / Scholastic
Fenris 3
Playing with Fire
8 Billon / National Geographic
Witty Journalism / Guardian
Coronation map / The Radio Times
Lazy Sunday Morning / Maison Margiela
New York Times / Sunday Review
Fahrenheit 451
Culture Weekend Cover 1
Empire Of Screams / Arrow Video
Liberty London
The Last Shadow Puppets Poster
New Energy World / New Scientist Magazine
Science Behind Holograms / Experience Magazine
Venture Into Cures
Quantum collage / Aeon Psychology Magazine
Kiehls Lil Guy
Weird Series / Haydenshapes / Detail 1
E4 Sting 2
Rowntrees - Bowties
Open Summer / Fortnum & Mason 1


AlanBerry RhysWB2 copy.jpg

Alan Berry Rhys / Pacifico

Alan Berry Rhys was commissioned to create a series of pinball table glass designs for Pacifico. The final working machines form part of a bar tour in the US to promote Pacifico Clara. You can see more of Alan’s work here


Chris Labrooy / Breitling

Chris Labrooy was commissioned by Breitling watches to create a series of images to promote their Top Time classics range. Chris’ images form a retro futuristic California road trip with the Shelby Cobra Top Time Watch and were used across social media by Breitling. More of Chris' work can be seen here


Deb JJ Lee / BMW

Deb JJ Lee was commissioned by BMW to create an illustration to celebrate, show solidarity and reinforce their commitment to diversity over Pride month. The illustration is being used across all of BMW’s social channels through out Pride month. You can see more of Deb's work here


World Illustration Awards 2023

We are pleased to announce that Lisa Sheehan has been featured in the World Illustration Awards 2023 shortlist for two different pieces, 'Carbon Footprint' originally commissioned by Scholastic, and 'Who Wants to Own a Hotel Now?' commissioned by the Financial Times Weekend Magazine. Also included in the World Illustration Awards 2023 Longlist were; 'Return to Legoland' by Bartosz Kosowski, commissioned for a film festival by Argomedia, another piece by Lisa Sheehan, 'Blood Sport' -a cover illustration for Mother Jones magazine, 'Reisefieber', a self-initiated piece by Marcin Wolski, and 'Shanghai Under Lockdown' by Xinmei Liu, commissioned by The New York Times.


Marta Cerda / Nike / Haaland 'Force9'

Marta Cerda was commissioned by Nike to create a new logo for footballer Erling Haaland to celebrate his return to the Nike family. The logo will be used across branding and merchandise globally. You can see more of Marta's work here.


JaceyTec / Wired Italia

JaceyTec was commissioned by Massimo Pitis at Wired Italia to create this science-fiction portrait illustration for the cover of the late-March edition of the magazine. The cover article features an insight into the technological enhancements to the human body- that may end up making us all super human. More of JaceyTec's work can be seen here.


Introducing Manon Biernacki

We are delighted to announce that Debut Art now represents Paris born illustrator Manon Biernacki. 'Born and raised in the heart of Paris, France, Manon has always been captivated by the vibrant art scene that surrounded her. From a young age, she was enamoured by the intricate designs and beautiful illustrations that filled the city streets and dreamed of one day contributing her own art to the mix.' More of Manon's work can be seen here.

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