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JaceyTec / Variety Magazine

JaceyTec was commissioned by Variety magazine to create the cover of their 2023 Ultimate Awards Guide. The style and approach of the cover is in the vain for recent self-initiated illustrations by JaceyTec, these can be seen here and here. You can see more of JaceyTec's work here.


Emile / An Illustrated Man

A quick look at a new series of short form animations by Emile. There are a few reasons behind, but mostly it's a project where Emile can try and tighten his animation skills. You can view the full Emile At Work Wide animation here and also see the rest of Emiles folio here.


Christian Gralingen / WIA 2022 Professional Winner

We are proud to announce that Christian Gralinegn has won the Professional category at 2022 World Illustration Awards hosted by the AOI. You can see more of Christian's work here


An Insight Into Alan Kiching

Letterpress printmaker and typographer Alan Kitching has been sharing insights into his traditional print making process over on his Instagram , check out this breakdown into how a letterpress print is put together by Alan here . More of Alan's work is available to view here.


Introducing Deb JJ Lee

We are delighted to announce that Debut Art now represents Korean born, Brooklyn based illustrator Deb JJ Lee. A published graphic novel artist as well as illustrator, Deb's free time is spent training for half marathons and eating large amounts of food. Her selected past clients and work experience include the New York Times, New Yorker, Google, NPR, Washington Post, Facebook, Adobe, Wells Fargo, HarperCollins, Radiolab, Macmillan Publishers, Simon and Schuster, Scientific American, Chronicle Books, ProPublica, New York Public Radio, Medium, The Verge, PBS, Discovery Inc, Procreate App, Lyft, LinkedIn, Faber-Castell, Sir Kensington’s, Temple University, Columbia University and 3dtotal.


Nathan Ward / The Ned London

To celebrate their 5th birthday The Ned London commissioned Nathan Ward to create this mid-pop confetti cannon. Nathan worked with his regular collaborator in GFSmith to put together the beautiful paper colour combinations for the project.


Doug John Miller / Bottleneck Gallery

Creating posters based on the classic 'National Lampoon Christmas Vacation' and recent TV hit 'Squid Game', Doug John Miller worked with the Bottleneck Gallery to create a limited run of prints. The first edition of the prints has sold out but keep your eyes peeled on the Bottleneck Gallery's website here for any further editions.


Chris Labrooy / 966 Swan in China

Chris Labrooy's iconic Porsche 966 takes a trip to China in this new animation. One in his surrealist car series, the Porsche 966 is a personal favourite of Chris' and the Swan 966 features heavily across his work.


Kolchoz / Phytomining / Education in Chemistry

"Phytomining is the method of using plants to extract minerals from the ground." Kolchoz worked with Royal Society of Chemistry to produce this cover illustration for their Education in Chemistry magazine showcasing scientists 'phytomining'. More of Kolchoz' work can be seen here.


Alan Berry Rhys / Carnada Viva 3

The third instalment of Alan Berry Rhy's solo exhibition series 'Carnada Viva' came to the Coningsby Gallery in June 2022. The work featured a mix of new illustrated, painted, embroidery and sculptural works by Alan. Works from the show as well as other projects by Alan can be viewed in his portfolio here.


Lisa Sheehan / Carbon Footprint / Scholastic

Lisa Sheehan was commissioned by Scholastic to create these contrasting artworks on carbon footprints. Lisa said the following about the project - "The artwork was created for Choice's magazine from Scholastic - which aims to empower teens. This was for the cover feature on Carbon Footprints. The concept was to reveal nature within a footprint shape, I chose to have the foliage based on a concrete stone floor to help emphasise the stark difference between the harsh stone and the natural environment within the footprint. A converse style shoe was chosen to signify this was a teenagers foot. " More of Lisa's work can be viewed here.

bekologicnews copy.jpg

Bekologic / Folio Society

"It’s the end of the world as we know it …" - Kurt Vonnegut. Joonho Ko (Bekologic) worked with the Folio Society to illustrate their new edition of Kurt Vonnegut's renowned novel 'Cat's Cradle'. The illustrations range from interior page illustrations, slipcover and pattern designs and a striking binding. More illustrations from this project and further works by Bekologic can be viewed here.

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