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Alex Williamson
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cover final flat 2.jpg

Business and Tech 2 / Biz Ed Magazine


Campus Diversity / Chronicle


Disinformation / Chronicle

Creighton Magazine Alumni.jpg

Creighton Magazine Alumni

Deloitte_problem solving.jpg

Problem Solving / Deloitte


Nationalism / The Economist

Finance Asia_Cover.jpg

Cover / Finance Asia

Fit for Fun_1 .jpg

Fit For Fun

Guardian Guide_sk2 (7).jpg

Guardian Guide 2


Campus Debates / Chronicle

Chronicle_Campus Debate_ sk1 (7).jpg

Campus Debate / Chronicle


Biden / Chronicle

sk7 2.jpg

ICE Immigration Detentions and Mental Health 2 / The New Republic


ICE Immigration Detentions & Mental Health / New Republic


Sustainable Banking / Bank of America

In These Times_Socialism and innovation.jpg

Socialism and Innovation / In These Times


Survivors / O Magazine

Buzz Feed_SEND_Eductaion.jpg

SEND Education / BuzzFeed

BuzzFEED_Farage_sk5 (2).jpg

Farage / BuzzFeed


Rohynga / BuzzFeed


Guide Games

Harvard Magazine_Cold War Culture2.jpg

Cold War Culture / Harvard Magazine 2

Scholastic_LGBTQ Education.jpg

LGBTQ Education / Scholastic

Sight&Sound_80's America.jpg

80's America / Sight & Sound

Sight&SOUND_films of the year.jpg

Films of the Year / Sight & Sound

SouthernPoverty LawCentre_Alt Right Politics.jpg

Alt Right Politics / Southern Poverty Law Centre

Teaching Tolerance_racism in schools.jpg

Racism in Schools / Teaching Tolerance

The Economist_political will.jpg

Political Will / The Economist

WallStreetJournal_Ed Jones_Advertorial.jpg

Ed Jones Advertorial / Wall Street Journal

Washington University_environment studies.jpg

Environment Studies / Washington University

Scholastic_John Lewis_Civil Rights.jpg

John Lewis Civil Rights / Scholastic


Gunplot / RTÉ

RTÉ_'Nobody Zone' Podcast_flyposter.jpg

Nobody Zone / RTÉ

Manifest_Health Insurance.jpg

Health Insurance / Manifest

McKinsey Sports Data1.jpg

Sports Data / Global Management Consultancy Firm

McKinsey Sports Data2.jpg

Sports Data / Global Management Consultancy Firm 2

New Statesman_Covid.jpg

Covid / New Statesman

O Magazine_'Caste'.jpg

Caste / O Magazine

Oprah's Bookclub_Caste_slide 1.jpg

Caste / Oprah's Bookclub

Psychology Today_Personality Testing.jpg

Personality Testing / Psychology Today

Psychology Today_Personality Testing3.jpg

Personality Testing 2 / Psychology Today


Why Not / Royal Mail

Max V3.jpg

Adidas Olympic Heroes

Exeter College '68.jpg

Exeter College '68

Experience Life : Concussion 3.jpg

Experience Life / Concussion

Experience life DNA 1.jpg

Experience Life / DNA

Hollywood_Reporter_BB King.jpg

Hollywood Reporter


Hollywood Reporter V

Land Rover Magazine.jpg

Land Rover Magazine

McCann : Pharma 2.jpg


Milkwood TV Neda 1.jpg

Milkwood TV / Neda


ESPN / Sports Earnings

ESPN Sporting Legends.jpg

ESPN / Sporting Legends



final v3.jpg

The Dark Tower / Empire Magazine

442 Magazine.jpg

442 Magazine.jpg

Addidas Olympic cycling 2.jpg

Adidas Olympic Cycling

Bank Of America Davos 10 Things.jpg

Bank Of America Davos AI

Berkeley : Myopia 1.jpg

Berkeley / Myopia

Buzz Feed Narco Rap.jpg

Buzz Feed / Narco Rap

Buzz Feed. Black Rock Finance.jpg

Buzz Feed / Black Rock Finance

Camel Kretek 6.jpg

Camel Kretek

New Scientist _Post Truth 2.jpg

New Scientist / Post Truth Cover

New Statesman BREXIT.jpg

New Statesman / BREXIT

The Guardian Social Housing.jpg

The Guardian / Social Housing


The Economist / ISIS

Wall Street Journal CERA report US Oil 2.jpg

Wall Street Journal / CERA Report US Oil

WHO Malaria Report sketch 5.jpg

WHO Malaria Report

The Chronicle : US Conservatism.jpg

The Chronicle / US Conservatism


Albany's Political Reset / The Real Deal

image 2.1 final.jpg

Business and Tech / Biz Ed Magazine


Leaders of Colour / Chronicle of Higher Education

The Economist : Childhood Trauma.jpg

The Economist / Childhood Trauma

The Chronicle : Consent 2.jpg

The Chronicle / Consent

Texas Magazine Zapruder JFK.jpg

Texas Magazine / Zapruder JFK

NEWTON : Belief.jpg

NEWTON / Belief

Northern Powerhouse 2.jpg

Northern Powerhouse

Random House Animal Farm.jpg

Random House / Animal Farm

Science Museum.jpg

Science Museum

Sight & Sound American Honey 10 Oct 16.jpg

Sight & Sound / American Honey

Sight&Sound Films of the Year Cover.jpg

Sight&Sound / Films of the Year

SPL Hate sk2.jpg

Southern Poverty Law Centre / Hate

SPL Magazine Black Lives Matter.jpg

Southern Poverty Law Centre / Magazine Black Lives Matter


ICE Immigration Detentions and Mental Health / The New Republic


Alex Williamson is a commercial illustrator, graphic artist and academic based in Bath in the Southwest of the UK. Alex has a BA Graphic Design / Printmaking from Leeds Metropolitan University and an MA in Visual Communication from the RCA.

As an image-maker Alex creates bold graphic artwork using collage and print techniques, working across digital and analogue to generate narrative ideas that explore intersections between graphic form, drawing and the photographic image. His creative process starts with collage, exploring dissonances between images, forms, textures, mark making and colour and exploits the visual ideas these juxtapositions generate. His use of abstract elements and visual layering reflects the multiple ways imagery and ideas are communicated and felt in today’s global / digital society.

Through research and personal practice, Alex produces and exhibits experimental, process led work. In his academic research and teaching he seeks to explore how a collage based approach to image-making and non linear storytelling might contribute towards new visual or sensory experiences and go on to inform other areas of creative practice.

Commercially, Alex has an editorial interest in investigating contemporary issues and working on themes around politics, culture and social engagement. He produces a wide range of work for clients in the advertising, corporate, editorial and publishing fields.

Recent clients include: Royal Mail, Adobe, Addidas, Virgin Mobile, Omega, Bank of America, World Health Organisation, Southern Poverty Law Centre, Rolling Stone Magazine, New Scientist, The New Yorker, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Portobello Books, Random House, The Science Museum, Faber&Faber, The Economist, Vodafone, Amazon, Footlocker, Penguin, ITV, The Atlantic Magazine

Alex currently lectures on the 'Graphic Communication’ BA(Hons)course at Bath Spa University having previously taught 'Design for Interaction and Moving Image' BA(Hons) at London College of Communication and BA(Hons) ‘Illustration’ at University of West England, Bristol. He has also recently worked as an External Examiner in Visual Communications at the the Royal College of Art, and is currently employed as External Examiner to the Ba(Hons) Illustration course at Brighton University.