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Anna Mill
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Philip K. Dick / The Folio Society

AOPA June draft v3a.jpg

Never Again / Pilot Magazine 1

Square Eyes Pond.jpg

Golden Hour Error / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

Architectural Waterfront.jpg

Waterfront Conceptual Competition Entry / Hawkins\Brown

Architectural Library.jpg

Little Library / Team London Bridge

Square Eyes Crowd.jpg

The Augmented City / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

Square Eyes Hands.jpg

Coding / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

AOPA Jan Draft 201116.jpg

Never Again / Pilot Magazine 2

Square Eyes Metro.jpg

No Stopping Keep Moving / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

Square Eyes Street Ele.jpg

Street / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

AOPA July Storyboard Artwork 200519.jpg

Never Again / Pilot Magazine 3

Square Eyes Printing.jpg

The New City Rises / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

Square Eyes Machine.jpg

Machine / Square Eyes

Architectural dogwalkers.jpg

Neighbour's Meeting / Hawkins\Brown

Theatre Backdrop mughal court arches.jpg

Mughal Court Arches / Theatre Backdrop / Serendip Productions

Square Eyes Bus Stop.jpg

Tiered Bus Stop / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

Square Eyes City Holes.jpg

City Excavator / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

Square Eyes Spatial Coding 2.jpg

Spatial Coding 2 / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

128 AOPA cornfield 3.jpg

Never Again / Pilot Magazine 4

Square Eyes coding.jpg

Spatial Programming / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

Square Eyes Diagram.jpg

Diagram / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

Square Eyes Data.jpg

Data / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

Square Eyes Shelf.jpg

A Life in Objects / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

Square Eyes Interior.jpg

We Used to Build Things / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

Square Eyes Big Scene.jpg

Printing Your Future City / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

Square Eyes View.jpg

City Recycling / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

Personal Stonework.jpg

Stonework at the Royal Academy

Publishing How Buildings Work.jpg

How Buildings Work / RIBA Publishing

Square Eyes Rooftop.jpg

Rooftop / Square Eyes

Personal desk.jpg


Square Eyes Pavement Cracks.jpg

Edge of the City / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

Architectural Class.jpg

Outdoor Classroom in Camley Street / London Wildlife Trust

Architectural Barn.jpg

Autumn Barn / studio 8FOLD & Architekturbüro Lindstedt

Advertising rest poster.jpg

Rest / Luttrell Arms Hotel

Advertising garden poster.jpg

Castle View Garden / Luttrell Arms Hotel

Advertising walk poster.jpg

Walk / Luttrell Arms Hotel

Branding Welcome cardv2.jpg

Golden Hare Books

Advertising Murder Poster 2.jpg

Poster for Murder on the Dart

Theatre Backdrop Haveli Scene v3a.jpg

Haveli / Theatre Backdrop / Serendip Productions I

Private Commission Tea Towel.JPG

Tea Towel

Theatre Backdrop mughal court cyc.jpg

Mughal Court / Theatre Backdrop / Serendip Productions

Square Eyes Car.jpg

Flooded Car / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

Square Eyes Banners.jpg

Digital Baffle Banners / Square Eyes / Jonathan Cape

Personal Xmas 2018 2.JPG

Christmas Pattern

Personal Bike.jpg


Personal Music Machine.jpg

Music Machine

Personal ornithopterlabeless.jpg


Square Eyes Church.jpg

Church / Square Eyes

Square Eyes Cityscape.jpg

Cityscape / Square Eyes


Anna is a London based artist, designer and author.
Graduating from The Bartlett School of Architecture in 2008, Anna’s architectural background informs her illustration work, bringing the precision of traditional technical drawing and perspective techniques to narratively-driven scenes with a rich spatial and atmospheric complexity.
Anna enjoys working ‘small stories’ into a scene; adding details, objects and gestures to the overall composition which conveys a deeper sense of the passage time and the patterns of use around the single moment.

Her first book Square Eyes, with co-writer Luke Jones, was published in 2018 by Jonathan Cape. 8 years in the making, it is a 256 page graphic novel which explores a possible future for our cities in which the appearance of our spaces can be constantly and completely changed through layers of digital augmentation. The artwork draws on traditional draughting and illustration styles in order to bring more warmth and familiarity to these depictions of near-future world, as well as using colour tones as a narrative device and playing with the format of the page.
This work won a 2019 World Illustration Award.

Anna’s interests in colour, atmosphere, and linework are influenced by artists ranging from Edmund Dulac and Winsor McCay, through Maxfield Parrish to Katsuhiro Otomo and Moebius.

She teaches architecture at London Metropolitan University and the University of Nottingham.

Previous Clients Include; Jonathan Cape, Leap Motion, Oslo Architecture Triennale, The Architecture Foundation, Golden Hare Books, RIBA Publishing, Hawkins\Brown Architects, London Wildlife Trust, Way Group Hotels, Serendip Productions

2010 Observer/Comica/Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Story Prize Runner Up, 2019 World Illustration Award for Square Eyes