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Major Tom on washday / Self-initiated

WomansHealth Slot machine.jpg

Sloth Machine / Women's Health

WomansHealth Roulette.jpg

Roulette / Women's Health

Vanderbilt UniversityBOOMTOWN.jpg

BOOMTOWN / Vanderbilt University

The Banker Data Scientists.jpg

Data Scientists / The Banker


ICS Security / Security & Privacy

Security&PrivacyJuly Hydra.jpg

Hydra / Security & Privacy

Security&Privacy MarApr 2020.jpg

April 2020 / Security & Privacy

Deloittes Past as Prologue.jpg

Past as Prologue / Global Big Four Professional Services


Midance Jo'burg Dance Co.

Trainer Brain FINAL HR cmyk.jpg

Trainer Brain / Cosmopolitan

Robo falcon FINAL HR cmyk.jpg

Robo Falcon / Euromoney

Vagus sign 2 HR cmyk.jpg

Vagus / Women's Health

WomansHealth Zero gravity.jpg

Zero Gravity / Women's Health

Security&Privacy mag Hardware security cover.jpg

Hardware Security Cover / Security & Privacy Magazine


The Flying Selfies / Self-initiated


One small slip for a man / Self-initiated


Miles of Smiles / Self-initiated


Vanilla Alien / Self-initiated


Angel Dust / Self-initiated


Deep Clean / Self-initiated




Climate Projects / Deloitte


Dance of Seven Whales / Self-initiated

BD Tablet Nissim.jpg

Nissim Black New Jews feature / Tablet Magazine


Cover / IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine

Security&Privacy mag Reproducibility cover.jpg

Reproducibility / Security & Privacy Magazine


Box Internet / 01NET


Paper money to cryptocurrencies / Euromoney Magazine

Skoda exhibition.jpg

Skoda Exhibition

Skoda display.jpg

Skoda Display

Scholastic 39Clues Exploding vial.jpg

Exploding Vial / Scholastic 39Clues

MensHealth Neon food.jpg

Neon Food / Men's Health Magazine


The Empathy Effect

Euromoney MPL.jpg

MPL / Euromoney

Euromoney Merlion.jpg

Merlion / Euromoney

Euromoney marble track.jpg

Marble Track / Euromoney

Euromoney Inception NYC.jpg

Inception NYC / Euromoney

Euromnoney Digital plant.jpg

Digital Plant / Euromnoney

Elliot Removals.jpg

Elliot Removals

CACM Robot musicians.jpg

CACM Robot musicians

Skoda Stage set.jpg

Skoda Stage Set

Unicycle knights.jpg

Unicycle Knights

PersonalWork Ship of the desert.jpg

Ship of the Desert

PersonalWork Diver.jpg


Euromoney wired.jpg

Euromoney / Wired

IEEE Hackers.jpg

IEEE Hackers

IEEE Trojan horse HR.jpg

Trojan Horse / Security & Privacy

AOPA Survivor HR.jpg

Survivor / AOPA

Downard-Fantastic Library.jpeg

Fantastic Library / Corporate Tech Trends Report

Wish You Were Here


New Ways To Finance Trade

Science & Cocktails cover.jpeg

Science & Cocktails


ABSA Accountant

Womens Health dumbbell knight.jpg

Excercise Knights / Women's Health Magazine

Bllomsbury SMEK.jpg

Bloomsbury SMEK


Having worked in the advertising, marketing, photography, and allied creative design industries since 1984, Barry Downard's business is based on providing creative visual solutions and concepts (photography, illustrator, artwork and design) to advertising & design agencies, and publishers.

Trained as an interior designer, Barry designed houses, shop interiors, exhibition stands and fashion shows, played drums and worked as an art director before drifting into fashion and advertising photography. Exposure to all these varied creative disciplines provides for excellent background knowledge informing the love of detail required when constructing his illustrations.

In 1993, Barry became inspired by the story-telling possibilities of digitally manipulating his photographs, and developed a style of photo-illustration. Subsequently, he has broadened his skill set to include cgi modelling and rendering. Although Barry’s style is generally photo-real and surreal, he has a broad and diverse range of influences, including Klimt, Robert Longo, Michael Sowa, Gary Larson, Greg Crewdson, Arthur Rackham, Ernst Haegel, and Lane Smith, to name just a few.

Barry's technique consists of taking lots of photographs (shot by himself, supplied by client, or stock images), or cgi renders, and throwing them into a Picto-Snaffle-Matic machine, stirring it up with a generous dose of fun, and sticking it all together with computer glue.

Barry has had 3 illustrated children’s books published (Simon & Schuster, NY and Milk & Cookies Press, NY), and has worked with major ad agencies from Moscow to Los Angeles, as well as numerous publishing clients (both magazines and books).
He has had solo exhibitions of his work, at Soho House Club (London), and several South African art galleries. He won a gold and a silver “RX Club Award” (New York) for work done for Glaxo Smith Kline (Paling Walters), and has won a prestigious South African “Loerie Award” for Photography Craft, as well as 6 Natal Newspapers “Silver Quill” awards for Photography Craft, and he won the South African section of the 2001 Hasselblad International Competition.

Clients: BMW-Mini (UK), Pringles (USA), Budweiser (UK), Orangina (A.G. Barr) UK, BDH (Manchester), Ogilvy (South Africa, Moscow and UK), Old Navy (USA), Danone (USA), Skoda (Germany, Blumberry (Berlin), Microsoft (UK), Nestle/Nescafe (UK), Billington Cartmell (UK), Planters (Kraft Foods) USA, Mercedes Truck Division (UK), QBO BellPottinger (UK), SAAB (UK), Vauxhall (UK), Carlsberg (UK), Ola (Unilever SA), SONY Playstation, TBWA (London), Glaxo Smith Kline, Paling Walters Targis, Simon & Schuster (New York), Mens Fitness UK, The Knowledge (The Times), The Economist, Hodder (UK), Arizona Opera, Cleveland Opera, De Beers, Durex (SA), Jupiter Drawing Room (SA), Scholastic Books (Omnibus Australia), Sun International, Nike (SA), and Yamaha (SA), amongst others.

Barry is passionate about animal welfare and biodiversity conservation concerns, and a percentage of proceeds of sales from all he does is donated to animal welfare.
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