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Holiday Reading / The Telegraph

The Twelve Tribes of Hattie

The Twelve Tribes of Hattie book cover

Conran Waterstones

Conran Waterstones

Exploring Novels / The Guardian

Exploring Novels / The Guardian

environment and pregnancy dilemma.jpg

Climate Change and Pregnancy Dilemma / Vanity Fair Magazine

Work Life Balance Spinning Plates

Work Life Balance Spinning Plates

Shoppers Shopping Escalators Luxury Design Week

Shopping / Design Week

Gambling Support Metro

Gambling addiction support / Metro newspaper





Singapore / SHOP Magazine

Singapore / SHOP Magazine

Metro_unwanted ex in touch.jpg

Unwanted Ex In Touch / Metro


Custom DNA / Fast Company Magazine

future of business travel1 : BA Highlife.jpg

Future of Business Travel / BA Highlife

Career Ladder Management

Career Ladder Management

Clinic saves lives : Metro.jpg

Clinic Saves Lives / Metro

Economy of Comfort

Economy of Comfort

Retirement The Guardian

Retirement The Guardian

therapy behind bars.jpg

Therapy Behind Bars

Airline Rights Consumer Guardian

Airline Rights Consumer Guardian

Time running out for zero carbon debate_Inside Housing.jpg

Time Running Out for Zero Carbon Debate / Inside Housing

addict trapped.jpg

Partner's addiction to medication / Metro newspaper UK

future of business travel2 : BA Highlife.jpg

Future of Business Travel / BA Highlife 2

Consumer Reports_Cold remedies.jpg

Cold Remedies / Consumer Reports

Global Witness_Social media polarisation and climate.gif

Social Media Polarisation and Climate / Global Witness

electric buildings amend.jpg

Electric Buildings

10 Years

10 Years

PLC_pension protection.jpg

Pension Protection / Practical Law Magazine

Radio Times_brief encounter Rachmaninov.jpg

Brief Encounter Rachmaninov / Radio Times

Business Life_Chatbot Cthulhu.jpg

Chatbot Cthulhu / Business Life

Stevens institute_Golden Opportunity.jpg

Golden Opportunity / Stevens Institute

Bereavement and time.jpg

Bereavement and Time

last min travel app.jpg

Last Min Travel App

The Investor_India rivals China.jpg

India Rivals China / The Investor

Broadview_Bible stories and belief.jpg

Stories And Belief / Broadview Bible

Broadview_Church carbon footprint.jpg

Carbon Footprint / Broadview Church

Chemistry World technician recognition.jpg

Technician Recognition / Chemistry World

Miami Uni_Aceelereated pathway.gif

Accelerated / Miami Uni


Upstream / Contagious


Memory / Radio Times


Choosing Car Colour / Car Magazine

Deloitte_ai potential.jpg

AI Potential / Global Consultancy Big Four


Preventing Sexual Harassment / Practical Law

shopping list.jpg

Shopping List

bridezilla copy.jpg


Agony Aunt Column - toxic issue of weight  .png

Toxic Issue of Weight / Agony Aunt Column

Observer_summer books1.jpg

Summer Books / Observer


Times Adjusting Course

wont leave.jpg

Won't Leave

Actor roles and identity.jpg

Actor Roles and Identity


Broken Heart


Claustrophobic Living / Metro

Advances in Male Birth Control.jpg

Advances in Male Birth Control

Popshot_sappho's ghost.jpg

Sappho's Ghost / Popshot



city cycling danger.jpg

City Cycling Danger / Houstonia Magazine

winter books2a amend.jpg

Winter Books

Church restructured.jpg

Church Restructured

future of business travel3 : BA Highlife.jpg

Future of Business Travel / BA Highlife

respiratory health crisis.jpg

Respiratory Health Crisis


Peace Candle / Self Initiated

west texas desert.jpg

West Texas Desert


Irish Pilgrimage / Metro


Older People in Therapy / RCN

Global Witness_Gas Heating trap.gif

Gas Heating Trap / Global Witness

Chemstry World_RNA.jpg

RNA / Chemistry World

Global Witness_Financial institutions and deforestation.gif

Financial Institutions and Deforestation / Global Witness

Business Life_scaling up.jpg

Scaling Up / Business Life

New Scentist_brain development2.jpg

Brain Development 2 / New Scientist

Contagious_upstream thinking.jpg

Upstream Thinking / Contagious

BA_dental care.jpg

Dental Care / BA


Stall / AOPA

Contagious_stranded ideas.jpg

Stranded Ideas / Contagious

Metr0_coming out.jpg

Coming Out / Metro

Metro_frying pan to fire.jpg

Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire / Metro

Metro_get inside head.jpg

Get Inside / Metro

New Scentist_brain development1.jpg

Brain Development / New Scientist

New Statesman_instagram time drain.jpg

Instagram Time Drain / New Statesman

RSC_funding troubles.jpg

Funding Troubles / RSC

Global Witness_Holding corporates to account.gif

Holding Corporates to Account / Global Witness

liminal love.jpg

Liminal Love / Metro

The Dallas Morning News_Evening walk.jpg

Evening Walk / The Dallas Morning News

not making time.jpg

Not Making Time

Kiplinger_Election and your money.jpg

Election and Your Money / Kiplinger

Radio Times_Russian doping.jpg

Russian Doping / Radio Times

Microsoft_remote working whiteboard app.jpg

Remote Working Whiteboard / Microsoft

Wolf Hall.jpg

Wolf Hall / British Printing Industries Federation

Microsoft_Organising student minds2.jpg

Organising Student Minds / Microsoft


Goodwill / Accuity

Conversations from a Long Marriage.jpg

Conversations from a Long Marriage

Bridging the age gap : Metro.jpg

Bridging the Age Gap / Metro

Metro_In denial.jpg

In Denial / Metro

Metro_Social media shy.jpg

Social Media Shy / Metro

British Airways Highlife_ Upgrade.jpg

Upgrade / British Airways Highlife

catalytic converter theft.jpg

Catalytic Convertor Theft

Metro_child accusation.jpg

Child Accusation / Metro


Mediation / Microsoft

LBGTQ and mental health.jpg

LGBTQ and Mental Health / RCN

mental health helpline : Inside Housing.jpg

Mental Health Helpline / Inside Housing

US water crisis question.jpg

US Water Crisis Question

car calculator.jpg

Car Calculator / Metro

Business recharged.jpg

Business Recharged

Microsoft_sparks in darkness.jpg

Sparks in the Darkness / Microsoft

life on hold.jpg

Life Opens Up / Radio Times

Ideas in the downturn.jpg

Ideas in the Downturn

Metro_cracks at christmas.jpg

Cracks at Christmas / Metro

Metro_ghosts of the past.jpg

Ghosts of the Past / Metro

love and time.jpg

Love and Time / Metro

covid community support.jpg

Covid Community Support

head rooms white.jpg

Head Rooms / Building Engineer Magazine


Transforming the Enterprise

British Airways Club_Helping nervous flyers.jpg

Helping Nervous Flyers / British Airways Club

gut microbiome square.jpg

Gut Microbiome

science team against virus.jpg

Science Team Against Virus

Frankenstein amend.jpg

Frankenstein / British Printing Industries Federation

Metro - spark went out.jpg

Spark Went Out / Metro

mystery of self.jpg

Mystery of Self / Popshot Magazine

Metro_mourning holiday romance.jpg

Mourning Holiday Romance / Metro

repair costs.jpg

Repair Costs

Brain Surgery Moon Neuroscience

Brain Surgery Moon Neuroscience

congestion charge LA.jpg

Congestion Charge LA / PM Network

flywheel dynamics.jpg

Flywheel Dynamics

credit card skimmer copy.jpg

Credit Card Skimmer / Houstonia

fantastical eagle cap.jpg

Fantastical Eagle Cap


Cyber Security / INC.com

lioness air max.jpg

Air Max Lioness

PLC_law confronts big data.jpg

Law Confronts Big Data / PLC

hell racers.jpg

Reptile Racers From Hell

Waterfront_writers river inspiration.jpg

The Waterfront

munich cover amend.jpg

Designer furniture in Munich / Shop Magazine

confused trapped.jpg

Confused Trapped


Body In The Library / Royal Mail


Murder On The Orient Express / Royal Mail


And Then There Were None / Royal Mail

Popshot mag_Lungs of the Earth.jpg

Lungs of the Earth / Popshot Magazine

HBR_pension future.jpg

Pension Future / HBR

A Christmas Carol .jpg

A Christmas Carol / British Print Industries Federation


Vacation / INC.com


Data Security / INC.com

Cmagazine_sustainable Californian fashion.jpg

Sustainable Californian Fashion / Cmagazine

Gulliver's Travels.jpg

Gulliver's Travels / British Printing Industries Federation

Driving Ads and Apps

Driving Ads and Apps

City Style

City Style

BBCMusic_airlines breaking instruments.jpg

Airlines Breaking Instruments / BBC Music

too many criteria for date.jpg

Too Many Criterion For A Date / Metro

partner on limited time.jpg

Partner On Limited Time

DM_ingrate kids_NeilWebb.png

Greedy Son

TherapyToday_big boys do cry final.jpg

Big Boys Do Cry / Therapy Today

Dementia can make Cantankerous.jpg

Dementia Can Make Cantankerous

Team Human Vs AI 2.jpg

Team Human Vs AI 2

Metro_Partner won't leave.jpg

Partner Won't Leave / Metro

BA Highlife_Samuel Jackson in Captain Marvel.jpg

Samuel Jackson in Captain Marvel / BA Highlife

RestaurantHospitality_tipping and wages balance.jpg

Tipping and Wage Balances / Restaurant Hospitality

Iron Giant.jpg

The Iron Giant / Ted Hughes

lonely carer.jpg

A Lonely Career / Metro

 LATimesEnvelope_whistle blowing_NeilWebb copy.jpg

Whistle Blower Film

Woman's Ordainment doubts.jpg

Woman's Ordainment Doubts

Confusion Spinning Top Relationship

Confusion Spinning Top Relationship

Deloitte_network kaleidoscope1.jpg

Network Kaleidoscope / Global Big 4

VO_future jewellery1_NeilWebb.jpg

Future Jewellery 1

VillageVoice_weight gamble app_NeilWebb.jpg

Weight Gamble App / Village Voice



Volksrant_sometimes hospital is not the best solution.jpg

Sometimes Hospital is Not the Best Solution / Volksrant

Facebook Lego / ShopSmart Magazine.

Facebook Lego / ShopSmart Magazine.

Metro_Why didnt you contact me.jpg

Why Didn't You Contact Me / Metro

tougher love.jpg

Tougher Love



The Plague Albert Camus

The Plague Albert Camus

text books.jpg

Text Books







people Vs market forces_Volksrant_.jpg

Market Forces

The Big Combo shading.jpg

The Big Combo

Finding the right solution.jpg

Finding the Right Solution / Deloitte

depression comment.jpg

Comment On Depression

dusseldorf jewelry.jpg

Dusseldorf Jewellery

second chance.jpg

Second Chance

history of being dumped.jpg

A History Of Being Dumped

Summer Reading / The Sunday Telegraph

Summer Reading / The Sunday Telegraph

digital fortress.jpg

Digital Fortress / Deloitte

africa amend.jpg


Flidais amend.jpg


long distance communication breakdown_Metro.jpg

Long Distance Communication Breakdown / Metro

The banker : inclusivity.jpg

Inclusivity / The Banker

husband with aspergers.jpg

Partners With Aspergers





landlords and young people : Inside Housing.jpg

Landlords and Young People / Inside Housing

squirrel gene edit ethic..jpg

Squirrel Gene Editing Ethics

Imperious husband : Metro.jpg

Imperious Husband / Metro

snails dementia.jpg

snails dementia.jpg

Telegraph_summer reading_NeilWebb2.jpg

Summer Reading


Role Play

open access bogus research amend layers.jpg

Open Access Bogus Research

losing father.jpg

losing father.jpg

focus amend.jpg


holiday romance.jpg

Holiday Romance

China City Growth Economy Dragon BBC

China City Growth Economy Dragon BBC

Metro_cross dressing.jpg

Cross Dressing / Metro

English Heritage_women through history.jpg

Women Through History / English Heritage

DM_prisoner self_NeilWebb.jpg

No Life Focus

State Of Capitalism

State Of Capitalism

Internet Fraud / Metro

Internet Fraud / Metro

Full and Empty / Metro

Full and Empty / Metro

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Desert War 1

Desert War 1

science solving sea levels.jpg

Solving Sea Levels / Scientific American

protecting fintech from Brexit.jpg

Protecting Fintech From Brexit / Financial News

Writing Target Miss Fail The Guardian

Writing Target Miss Fail The Guardian

Draw the Line

Draw the Line

Forbes Japan_covid reshaping society.jpg

Covid Reshaping Society / Forbes Japan

It's Complicated / The Metro

It's Complicated / The Metro

family business advisor.jpg

Family Business Advisor

delivering bad economic news copy.jpg

Delivering Bad Economic News

love problems in lockdown.jpg

Love Problems in Lockdown

Metro_boring marriage.jpg

Boring Marriage / Metro


Handcuff Rings / Metro

Last Straw Relationship

Last Straw Relationship

Metro_husband affair.jpg

Husband Affair / Metro

alternative enery questions.jpg

Alternative Energy Questions

Metro - Relationship prison.jpg

Relationship Prison / Metro

VO_future jewellery2_NeilWebb.jpg

Future Jewellery 2 1

Metro - the secret.jpg

The Secret / Metro

future jewellery3.jpg

Future Jewellery 2 2

Accountant career development.jpg

Accountant Career Development

PLC mag - cash flow.jpg

Cash Flow / PLC Magazine

questions over recalled cars.jpg

Questions Over Recalled Cars

Accounting_calm and organised mind.jpg

Calm and Organised Mind / Accounting

prospectus evolution amend.jpg

Prospectus Evolution

to move or not.jpg

To Move Or Not

Robot Jewels

Robot Jewels

New Years Kiss

New Years Kiss

Pen Is Mightier

Pen Is Mightier



Italy_SHOP magazine.jpg

Italian Shoes / SHOP

Neuromarketing / The Telegraph

Neuromarketing / The Telegraph

Metro_barren in the bedroom.jpg

Barren in the Bedroom / Metro

UCObserver_woodland retreat revival2bw.jpg

Woodland Retreat Revival / UC Observer

Summer Thriller

Summer Thriller


Malaysia / New York Times



Eye Spot 1

Eye Spot 1

Winter Heating

Winter Heating


Originally from London, Neil now lives and works in Brighton. He studied BA illustration at Middlesex University and post graduate studies at Central St Martins School of Art and Design.

Neil's aim is to provide a concise visual solution in a strong and immediate graphic composition. Much of his work has a conceptual take that provides a visual twist and depth to the image. Ideas are very important, as are colours and shapes! Inspiration comes particularly from early 20thC design, lithography and screenprinting.

His work has received awards from the 3x3 Annual, AOI World Illustration Awards, Creative Review Annual and was awarded a D&AD Yellow Pencil.

He has honed his work illustrating for such clients as - The BBC, The Royal Mail, The New York Times, Nature, Publicis, Caspian Publishing, M&C Saatchi, The Economist, The Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Corbett, The New Scientist, Medicus, OUP, The Radio Times, The Telegraph, The Observer, Verizon, Virgin Atlantic, The Independent, Aviva, Sony, The NY Observer, Restaurant magazine, The Washington Post, Bloomsbury, Portobello, BMP DBB, AMV BBDO, Time Out, Time Out NY, Mckinsey, The Folio Society, Hodder, Design Week, Interbrand, BT, Conran Design, etc.