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Sarah Hanson
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Hanson_Future Health Cover_HRF.jpg

Future Health Cover / The FT

CNTraveller_How the road helped reclaim love.jpg

How the Road Helped Reclaim Love / CNTraveller

A Letter From New Zealand Condé Nast Traveller Magazine.jpg

A Letter From New Zealand / Condé Nast Traveller Magazine 1

Hanson-Raiders of the Medway-English Heritage Magazine.jpg

Raiders of the Medway / English Heritage

Hanson_Science Interrupted_Opener_HRF.jpg

Science Interrupted / Discover Magazine


WW2 Connections / Discover Greater Anglia Magazine

Hanson_Clark_Professor Nunni_Students_HRF.jpg

Professor Nunni / Clark University

Hanson_Bentley_Inspiration - the next model.jpg


Hanson_Churchill's Platypus_opener_HRF.jpg

Churchill's Platypus / BBC Wildlife Magazine


Strong Island / GOLF Magazine USA

FT_Life&Arts_The year the music died? _web.jpg

The Year the Music Died? / Financial Times, Life & Arts


Bravery / Boundless Magazine

Hanson_Exeter Bulletin_JaredSchwede_HRF.jpg

Jared Schwede / Exeter Bulletin


Marshalls / Boundless Magazine

Hanson_RT_Country Estate_HRF.jpg

Country Estate / Radio Times

Hanson_NeverAgain NOV19 HRF.jpg

November 19 / Never Again / AOPA

Hanson_Emmanuel_40yrs_Cover HRF.jpg

40 Years Cover / Emmanuel


Crime Junkie

Hanson_AOPA_Never Again_Desert Decision_HRF cmyk.jpg

Desert Decision / Never Again / AOPA

Hanson - Discover Magazine - Genes of Addiction-P3 HRF.jpg

Genes of Addiction / Discover Magazine

Hanson_SHU_A peace Mission in Serbia_HRF cmyk.jpg

A Peace Mission in Serbia / Sacred Heart University

Hanson_Parents.com_Moving Neighborhood for School Rating_HRF cmyk.jpg

Moving Neighbourhood for School Rating / Parents.com

Hanson_BBC Music - Candenza - HRF cmyk.jpg

Candenza / BBC Music

Hanson_Sickness Absence of Physiotherapists.jpg

Sickness Absence of Physiotherapists / Frontline Magazine


Newton for New Graduates

Hanson_Hanson_A Map of Complications -Feminism_HRF.jpg

A Map of Complications / The New Republic Magazine

Hanson_Condé Nast Traveller Magazine_A letter from New Zealand.jpg

A Letter From New Zealand / Condé Nast Traveller Magazine 2

Hanson_Chicago Magazine_Notes of a native daughter.jpg

Notes of a Native Daughter / Chicago Magazine

Hanson_Benefits Selling Magazine_changing perceptions of disability insurance.jpg

Changing Perceptions of Disability Insurance / Benefits Selling Magazine

Hanson_BBC TopGear_West Coast_200dpi.jpg

USA Road Trip / BBC Top Gear

Hanson_Baku_Classic Cars_2.jpg

Classic Cars / Baku

Hanson_BA_High Life_Caribean Sports Guide_.jpg

Caribbean Sports Guide / British Airways High Life

Hanson_AOPA_Never Again_Mixture Mayhem.jpg


sarah-hanson-rich-kids-student-digs_FT online.jpg

$88m Student Digs / FT


House & Home / FT


10 years of House & Home / Financial Times

Hanson_Eagles' Call_serving their country.jpg

Serving Their Country / Eagles' Call

Hanson_Financial Times_Swim Against The Tide.jpg

Swim Against The Tide / Financial Times

Hanson_FT_Best of 2015.jpg

Best of 2015 / Financial Times

Hanson_Clark_75YRS opener_HRF.jpg

Clark University 75 Years

Hanson_AOPA Alternates_HRF.jpg

Planes / AOPA

1 HaW 2019 Cover.jpg

Health at Work / Financial Times


Are You Next / Absolut 2


Are You Next / Absolut 1

Sarah Hanson.jpg

AOPA's Flight Training Magazine

Hanson-FT-The Trump Aesthetic-How his tastes will change America.jpg

The Trump Aesthetic / FT Weekend


ISA's / The Daily Telegraph

Hanson_Poetry Review_Winter Cover.jpg

Poetry Review

Hanson_Korn ferry Briefings_Big Optimism_.jpg

Korn Ferry Briefings / Big Optimism Spread


Hidden Hills - Off Grid Celebrity Homes


Sarah Hanson is a British artist producing collage illustrations for both private and commercial commissions.
She graduated with a First Class BA (Hons) in Graphic design and Illustration from the University of Hertfordshire in 2006.
Since then, Sarah has worked for a wide range of clients within the Advertising, Editorial, Publishing, and design sectors and occasionally guest lectures on the Illustration BA at the University of Hertfordshire.
She has also seen her illustrations animated for interactive use and online videos for high profile clients such as Nike and BBC Worldwide.

Sarah spent the early years of her childhood living in Abu Dhabi, UAE sparking a life long admiration for travel and culture.
Her work is a reflection of her experience and is often imbued with a strong sense of place or journey.

Sarah creates original artwork using both traditional handmade and digital techniques, combining textural elements with photography, painting and
printmaking. She collects random ephemera, old paper, and discarded objects, which filter into her images creating subtle texture and interest.

Images 33 - Critics’ Award winner
Association of illustrators
Stephen Twyford Award for creativity

Clients Include:
BBC Worldwide - British Airways - The Guardian - National Trust -
Historic Scotland - English Heritage - Nike - HarperCollins - Comic Relief -
The Economist - GQ - Radio Times - Penguin - Publicis (Belgium) - Publicis (NYC) - Renault - The Big Issue - The Times - Forbes Magazine - New York Magazine - Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness (NYC) - Playboy Magazine - The New Yorker - The Telegraph - Camel - Citgo - SEAT - Xerox
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