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Hitandrun / Mercedes-Benz

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This Autumn hitandrun worked with the team at Mercedes-Benz World on not one but two outstanding projects.

The first was for the launch of the Mercedes-Benz Christmas Campaign 2015. Fully CGI artwork was created at banner resolution, each piece 12,000 pixels wide and installed as an 8m canvas and display boards across Mercedes-Benz showrooms. The campaign will continue to appear throughout magazine publications in the run up to Christmas.

The second was to create the striking Team Mercedes Formula One display, permanently on display at the Mercedes-Benz Museum at Brooklands; the 14m x 3.5m x 5m display shows the two Silverstone Team Mercedes pit garages. The garages are represented by two large format canvas prints on light boxes and are set inside the built out frame of the garage walls. The floor in front is a large format photograph of the pit lane at Silverstone.

With no access to high enough photography for the canvasses, Mercedes-Benz World invited hitandrun to build CGI models of both garages in their entirety, and then produce ultra-hi res rendered images from them.

Working closely with Team Mercedes, hitandrun took on the mammoth task of creating accurate and detailed builds of all the furnishings, equipment, framework, and accessories present in the garages.

They spent a day shooting at the International garages at Silverstone, shooting sections of the pit lane floor, which they then hand stitched into a 14metre x 5metre image, which was printed onto plastic and used in the display. hitandrun also shot spherical images from the garage doorways, which when placed in the CGI models reflected the Silverstone pit lane and grandstand in every reflective surface in the garage.

If you would like to see more of hitandrun's amazing work, click here to see this full portfolio

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