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Danny Capozzi
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Over the years Danny has developed a distinctive illustrative style that combines his passion for street culture with his favourite toys and cartoons he grew up with.
Working as a freelance stop motion Animator and Director for Aardman Animations for over 12 years, as well as owning his own shop and clothing label have taught
him a wide range of disciplines.

These skills have been applied to a variety of commissions from an impressive list of clients for branding and commercials.
E.g: Revlon, Disney, Unilever, MTV, Rimmel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network and a host of other agencies in the UK and USA.
Danny has also been a production designer on a series for Cartoon Network called Chop Socky Chooks which has been a huge success in the UK, Europe and USA.
It was nominated for a BAFTA and won the Gemini award for best CGI animated series.
Shortly after completion, he was asked to develop his own animated show which is still in working progress.

Danny has always believed that words and slogans are powerful in advertising, but characters have the ability to reach out and connect with the viewer on an emotional level.
If they like the design of a character they start a subconscious relationship with it. Whenever they see it pop up, they are drawn to it and take notice. The beauty of a character in advertising is that you can grow it's personality creatively with the client and watch it's development as the campaign grows from strength to strength.
For me, it's all about the laws of attraction, and my aim is to put a 'face' to brands to boost their identity and add personality.