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Eoin Ryan
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digital graphic retro sci-fi texture
Going Dark-Influnce Magazine.jpg

Going Dark / Influence Magazine


China's Abundance / Foreign Policy

Seismic Shift 1 - Forbes Japan.jpg

Seismic Shift 1 / Forbes Japan

Alumni Magazine - RCSI.gif

Alumni Magazine / RCSI

Structures 1 - Butterfly Doctrine.jpg

Structures 1 / Butterfly Doctrine

Immortality-Influence Mag.jpg

Immortality / Influence Mag

AI Takeover 1 - New York Times.jpg

Ai-Takeover 2 / New-York Times

Bullion 1 - Forbes Japan.jpg

Bullion 1 / Forbes Japan

Screen Shot 2024-01-08 at 10.02.21 AM.png

Fiction / Christianity Today

Anthropocene Ethics 2-Sojourners Magazine.jpg

Anthropocene Ethics 2 / Sojourners Magazine


George Orwell 1984 80th Anniversary / The New Statesman

Icebreaker 1 - Vintage Books.jpg

Icebreaker / Vintage Books

Digital Detox-Influence Magazine.jpg

Digital Detox / Influence Magazine

AI Futures - Wall Street Journal.jpg

Ai Futures / Wall Street Journal

Anthropocene Ethics 1-Sojourners Magazine.jpg

Anthropocene Ethics 1 / Sojourners Magazine

All the Crooked Saints - Maggie Stiefvater.jpg

All The Crooked Saints / Maggie Stiefvater

LE AI Final.jpg

Pros & Cons of AI / Leader's Edge Magazine

EA Tribe Final.jpg

AI Wariors / Politico

The Twins-Forbes Japan.jpg

The Twins / Forbes Japan

Blood Tree - Forbes Japan.jpg

Blood Tree / Forbes Japan

AI Takeover 3 - New York Times.jpg

Ai-Takeover 3 / New-York Times

Down by Law - Baffler Magazine.jpeg

Down By Law / Baffler Magazine

Himiko-Forbes Japan.jpg

Himiko / Forbes Japan

Penguin Book of Irish Poetry - Penguin Books.jpg

Penguin Book Of Irish Poetry / Penguin Books

Anthropocene Ethics 3-Sojourners Magazine.jpg

Anthropocene Ethics 3 / Sojourners Magazine

Owl - Personal Work.jpg


War Debt - New York Times.jpg

War Debt / New York Times

Nutshell-Der Spiegel Review.jpg

Nutshell / Der Spiegel Review

Bullion 2 -Forbes Japan.jpg

Bullion 2 / Forbes Japan

MicroBiome - Quanta Magazine.jpg

MicroBiome / Quanta Magazine

Reflections-Forbes Japan.jpg

Reflections / Forbes Japan

AI Futures 2 - Wall Street Journal.jpg

AI Futures 2 - Wall Street Journal.jpg

Clocks-Forbes Japan.jpg

Clocks / Forbes Japan

Wishlists-Wallpaper MAgazine.jpg

Wishlists / Wallpaper MAgazine

Crow-Forbes Japan.jpg

Crow / Forbes Japan

Transparency-Influence Magazine.jpg

Transparency / Influence Magazine

Denialism- Nature.jpg

Denialism / Nature

Dark Energy-Continuum Books.jpg

Dark Energy / Continuum Books

Structures 2 - Butterfly Doctrine.jpg

Structures 2 / Butterfly Doctrine

The Gate 1-Forbes Japan.jpg

The Gate 1 / Forbes Japan

Cultural Evolution - Noema Magazine.jpg

Cultural Evolution / Noema Magazine

Coaching-Think Publishing.jpg

Coaching / Think Publishing

Digital Storm 3- Forbes Japan.jpg

Digital Storm / Forbes Japan

Drug Legislation - New York Times.jpg

Drug Legislation / New York Times

Finnegans Wake 2-Penguin Books.jpg

Finnegans Wake / Penguin Books

Fintech-MIT Tecnology Review.jpg

Fintech / MIT Tecnology Review

Follow-Der Spiegel Review.jpg

Follow / Der Spiegel Review

Future Cities 2-New York Times International.jpg

Future Cities 2 / New York Times International

Future Cities 1 - New York Times International.jpg

Future Cities 1 / New York Times International

HANDMAID'S TALE 2-Margaret Atwood.jpg

Handmaid's Tale / Margaret Atwood

Heather-Der Spiegel Book Review.jpg

Heather / Der Spiegel Book Review

Digital Storm 1-Forbes Japan.jpg

Digital Storm 1 / Forbes Japan

Journey By Moonlight - Pushkin Press.jpg

Journey By Moonlight / Pushkin Press

Journey By Moonlight 3 - Pushkin Press.jpg

Journey By Moonlight / Pushkin Press

Making Sense of War-New Humanist.jpg

Making Sense of War / New Humanist

Micro Targeting-Influence Mag.jpg

Micro Targeting / Influence Mag

Paris-Der Spiegel Review.jpg

Paris / Der Spiegel Review

Rebel Genius-Nature Journal.jpg

Rebel Genius / Nature Journal

Reddit-Influence Mag.jpg

Reddit / Influence Mag

Sanitarium 1 - Forbes Japan.jpg

Sanitarium 1/ Forbes Japan

Sanitarium 2 - Forbes Japan.jpg

Sanitarium 2 / Forbes Japan

Seismic Shift 2 - Forbes Japan.jpg

Seismic Shift 2 / Forbes Japan

Spirit Shake - Forbes Japan.jpg

Spirit Shake / Forbes Japan

The Gate 2-Forbes Japan.jpg

The Gate 2 / Forbes Japan

The Ghost in Daylight-GravenHurst.jpg

The Ghost in Daylight / Graven Hurst

The River-Forbes Japan.jpg

The River / Forbes Japan

The Ticking Clock 1 - Butterfly Doctrine.jpg

The Ticking Clock 1 / Butterfly Doctrine

The Ticking Clock 2 - Butterfly Doctrine.jpg

The Ticking Clock 2 / Butterfly Doctrine

The Writer 1-Forbes Japan.jpg

The Writer 1 / Forbes Japan

The Writer 2-Forbes Japan.jpg

The Writer 2 / Forbes Japan

Universe Bowl - Forbes Japan.jpg

Universe Bowl / Forbes Japan

Uprooted 1-Faber&Faber.jpg

Uprooted / Faber & Faber

Weird Window-Science Journal.jpg

Wandering Eye / Butterfly Doctrine

Witch 2 -Forbes Japan.jpg

Witch / Forbes Japan

Workplace Health -Work Mill.jpg

Workplace Health / Work Mill

The Eye - Butterfly Doctrine.jpg

The Eye / Butterfly Doctrine

The City-Taxline Magazine.jpg

The City / Taxline Magazine




Eoin Ryan is a London based Artist working in Illustration and Design. Since graduating from Camberwell College of arts in 2008 with a BA in Illustration he has worked for a wide range of clients including Warp Records, Faber & Faber, Universal Music, New Statesman, New York Times, New Scientist and Penguin Books.