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JaceyTec is a new line of work developed by Jason Cook (aka Jacey) over the last couple of years. Jason originally came from a photographic background and  the progression to digital arts was a natural one. Jason has delved into music design, animation, social documentary photography,  then on to art directing web sites for a new media company which before long  lead him back to his real passion, combining photography and illustration with digital technology.

Previous clients include: Tesco, BBC, Taco Bell, Bee Gees, Westfield, Meteor Mobile, Miller Draft, Fierce Angel, Cannon, Lego, Sky digital, IBM, Vision Express, Nat West Bank, Motorola, Colt TeleComm Group, Honda, Hodder and Arnold, Harper Collins, Macmillan publishing, Future publishing, FMX, Red, World like, Guardian Guide, The Times magazine, Oxford university Press, Superdrug, Digital Vision, Getty One, Royal Mail, Marks & Spencer, Reguis, Maxim, Mixmag, WH Smith, Virgin Airlines, Marie Curie Cancer Care, The AA, Computer Arts, Peugeot, Mac User, Tatler, T3, VNU.