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Jon Fox
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Dynamic geometric structures, angular shapes and striking colour characterise Jon Fox’s work.

Born in Hereford, UK, Fox graduated in Fine Art Painting from the University of Brighton in 2004. A child of the 80s, he was initially attracted to Japanese and American cartoons, comics and computer games, along with hip hop and the graffiti styles that came with it.

Jon is used to working in a variety of mediums, but always starts off with traditional techniques of drawing by hand which can later be transferred to Photoshop and built up further. Primarily interested in storytelling and drawing on personal introspection, Fox juggles narrative and pictorial composition to produce a wide array of vivid mindscapes, character designs and scenes full of wild energy and intricate detail.

Jon's style of work adapts well to briefs that offer an element of creative freedom that allows him to utilize his imagination to develop unique and distinctive visuals.

Since 2003, Jon has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Europe, the UK, Australia, United States and Canada, including Égrégore: The Zenith of Pop Surrealism at Yves Laroche Galerie d’Art, Montréal (2014). His works are in many private and public collections, including Coleccion Solo in Madrid.

Jon’s work has been featured regularly in publications such as Hi-Fructose, Mincho Magazine, NoBrow, Hey!Magazine as well the ‘New Contemporary’ book published by Juxtapoz . His work has also featured in various publications by Pictoplasma, where he has taken part in live events at the festival including a solo exhibition and live wall/mural painting.

Clients include:

HSBC, LUSH, Dakine, WIRED, Quanta Magazine, IMBIBE Magazine, HEINZ Records, Landyachtz