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Pablo Caracol
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Poster design II for En 3 TEMPS.jpg

En 3 TEMPS Poster Design

Cover for Simonelli magazine.jpg

Cover / Simonelli Integrated Report

Autumn is childish_ For CCEM (Spanish Culture Center in Mexico).jpg

Autumn is Childish / CCEM (Spanish Culture Center in Mexico)

The advantages of being a science student_Royal Society of Chemistry.jpg

The Advantages of being a Science Student / Royal Society of Chemistry

The tortuous journey of your cookies_La Marea Magazine.png

The tortuous journey of your cookies / La Marea Magazine

Article about imprisoned women for Impresas Magazine.jpg

Imprisoned women article / Impresas Magazine

The safety of traveling with a good pilot_for AOPA.jpg

Flying with a good pilot / Flight Training Magazine

Mistake 404 page not found for Tigre de Paper.jpg

Mistake 404 page not found / Tigre de Paper

Poster for Botanic Garden of Valencia.png

Poster Botanic Garden of Valencia

The moment of truth_La marea magazine.png

The moment of truth / La Marea Magazine

Cover Illustration for Bromera.png

Cover illustration for Bromera Magazine

Fin your balance.jpg

Find your balance / Personal work

The cares are cool.jpg

Care is Cool / Personal work

Broken landscape_Personal project.jpg

Broken Landscape

Illustration for the picture book_The Snail.jpg

The Snail

Increased enrollment at Harvard.jpg

Increased Enrolment at Harvard

Poster for the 41 Vila de Mislata theater competition.jpg

41 Vila de Mislata Theater Competition

40 Barrons Magazine (The pressure of work on wall street).jpg

The Pressure of Work on Wall Street / Barrons Magazine


Leadership / Harvard Business Review


Dangerous Dialogue




Back at the Office / Harvard Business Review


New Reforms for Teacher / Alliolo Magazine

Football and social networks.jpg

Football and Social Networks / Panenka

Poster Botanic Garden of Valencia (banner).jpg

Botanic Garden of Valencia

Capital of love_ Tigre de paper.jpg

Capital of Love / Tigre de Paper

The problem of long working hours I.jpg

The problem of long working hours

The importance of care in communication.jpg

The Importance of Care in Communication

Towards a sustainable future_Personal project.JPG

Towards a sustainable future

New education techniques_For STEPV.jpg

New Education Techniques / STEPV

Let the boss pay_ Cover illustration.jpg

Let the Boss Pay! Cover Illustration / Tigre de Paper

Cover for La Marea (Absenteeism).jpg

Absenteeism / Cover for La Marea

Illustration for Impresas magazine.jpg

Objects / Impresas Magazine

42 UChicago Summer Magazine (Alcoholism 1).jpg

Alcoholism / UChicago Summer Magazine

10 Relational Anarchy_ Tigre de paper Editions.jpg

Relational Anarchy / Tigre de Paper Editions

El Ciervo cover - The power of the word.jpg

The Power of the Word / El Ciervo

The problem of long working hours II.jpg

The problem of long working hours 2

Dangerous dialogues.jpg

Dangerous Dialogues

8 The right direction is the key to success.jpeg

The Right Direction is the Key to Success

Cover for El Ciervo - Volver.jpg

Volver / El Ciervo

Inequality in teachers' jobs_ For STEPV.jpg

Inequality in Teachers' Jobs / STEPV

The hours have lost their watch_ Tigre de paper.jpg

The hours have lost their watch / Tigre de Paper

Gender review in the novel Western.jpg

Gender Review in the Novel Western / Librújula

The precariousness in university education.jpg

Precarious university education / Diario Sur

Goodbye_ Andana Editorial.jpg

Goodbye / Andana Editorial


The Power of the Image 1

The awakening of education (Publishing by Bromera).jpg

The Awakening of Education / Bromera

1 How much money do we spend on culture.jpeg

How Much Money Do We Spend On Culture

7 Housing for tourism.jpeg

Housing for Tourism

Working on weekends.jpg

Working on Weekends


El Ciervo Cover / Syria

Cover for Asian Investor.jpg

Heading Into An Unsure Future Cover / AsianInvestor

31 Poster for WDC Valencia 2022.jpg

Poster for WDC Valencia 2022

2 Where is creativity born.jpeg

Where Is Creativity Born

6 Disconnect from work during vacation.jpg

Disconnect from Work During Vacation

4 communication as part of care.jpeg

Communication as Part of Care

5 Under the weather.jpeg

Under The Weather

13 Four days. How working less will change the world_ Sembra Editions.jpg

Working Less / Sembra Editions

Cover for El Ciervo Magazine.jpg

Prisons / El Ciervo Magazine

The right to enjoy our free time.jpg

The Right to Enjoy Our Free Time



Poster for theatre performance.jpg

Ovarios Cuentos Poster

Green Revolution.jpg

Green Revolution

Cover for El Ciervo Magazine (What can we expect from politicians).jpg

What Can We Expect from Politicians Cover / El Ciervo Magazine

Sexual Education.jpg

Sexual Education

9 Illustration for the Fallas de Valencia (Spain)_ Advertising.jpeg

Golondrina / Fallas de Valencia

All the tiredness in the world_Cover illustration.jpg

All the Tiredness in the World Cover Illustration

12 Mutual help_Tigre de paper Editions.jpg

Mutual Help / Tigre de Paper Editions

Cerveza Bateria.jpg

Recharge Your Batteries

This Christmas Come Back Home.jpg

This Christmas Come Back Home

Public school against capitalism_For STEPV.jpg

Public School Against Capitalism / STEPV

The price of gender stereotypes_For STEPV.jpg

The Price of Gender Stereotypes / STEPV

30 Christmas poster for the Valencia City Council.jpg

Christmas Poster / Valencia City Council

The balm_ Cover Illustration.jpg

The Balm Cover Illustration

29 Las Rozas Librarys Poster.jpg

Las Rozas Librarys Poster

16 Cover Illustration for Librujula Magazine.jpg

Travel Cover / Librujula Magazine

Cover for El Ciervo Magazine 2.jpg

FP Cover / El Ciervo Magazine

Diario Sur cover.jpg

Diario Sur / Cover

Internet takes back control (Le Courrier International).jpg

Internet Takes Back Control / Le Courrier International


Adaptation Poster / Botanic Garden of Valencia

The keys to economic savings.jpg

The Keys to Economic Savings

The price of digitization in public schools_For STEPV.jpg

The Price of Digitisation in Public Schools / STEPV

Poster for Valencia´s Botanic Garden (2º Edition)).jpg

Poster / Botanic Garden of Valencia 2

Poster for Valencia´s Botanic Garden.jpg

Valencia´s Botanic Garden

Poster for Valencia´s Botanic Garden (4º Edition)).jpg

Valencia´s Botanic Garden Poster

37 Paulo Freire Conference Poster.jpg

Paulo Freire Conference Poster

Literature is overcoming and a leap into the unknown.jpg

Literature leaps Into The Unknown

The battle of pensions (illustration for La Marea).jpg

The Battle of Pensions / La Marea

47 Illusration for Cedar Magazine.jpg

Medication / Cedar Magazine


Economist / Spain Health of Industry


Fusion Cuisine

Tax evasion-Personal project.jpg

Tax Evasion

X-ray of ecological agriculture (Diario Sur).jpg

X-ray Of Ecological Agriculture / Diario Sur



The domain of the bodies - El Malpensante Magazine.jpg

The Domain of the Bodies / El Malpensante Magazine


Economy Key

El Espanyol-Law Time.jpg

El Espanyol / Law Time


El Espanyol / Pandemonium on the governement PP

Illustrated poetry 12.jpg

Illustrated Poetry 12

Illustrated poetry 10.jpg

Illustrated Poetry 10


Diario Sur / Special : How is how 6


The Power of the Image 2


With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree under his belt, Pablo Caracol began his artistic journey through the worlds of sculpture, photography and illustration. 

He was drawn to illustration by the power of literary images and their relationship with words. He discovered that all mediums can meet and coexist within that realm. 

Currently Pablo focuses his artistic creativity on developing his own projects, the theatrical element of stories being that which moves him.

He has published several children's books and has completed other professional projects such as press illustration, posters, book covers and publicity orders a like. 

His work is driven by a determination to decode the fanciful relations between the seemingly disconnected and then combining those elements in a precise way, resulting in a conceptual proposal. 

Pablo, in his poetic construct, very often uses the semantic sleight of hand, to achieve the integration and combination of elements with the same morphological nature, whose similar visual appearance catches your eye, playful and sometimes perfectly metaphorical the infallible antidote to the same old same old of everyday life.

Clients El País, The Economist (Spain), El Español, Tiempo Magazine, Le Cool, Letras Libres (Mexico and Spain), La Marea, El Malpensante (Colombia), Diario Sur, Diario Información, Botanic Garden of Valencia, Córdoba Council, Narval Editions, Andana Editions, Erein Editions, Chaman Editions, TVE2 (public spanish TV), Cosmopoética 14º Editions Festival, Entreramas Adventure, Alicante Council.

Dream Jobs / dream clientsThe New York Times, The New Yorker, The Boston Globe, Penguin Random House, The Economist, National Geographic.

- First prize in the poster contest "Book Fair of Valencia"

- First prize in the national contest for reading animation, Library of Las Rozas.

- Selection of the international contest "Iberoamérica Ilustra"

2005     Erasmus Scholarship, University of Fine Arts of Altea, Miguel Hernández de Elche, Lithuania, 6 months.

2013     Exhibition of the original illustrations from the book L`Estrella D`Or, La Casa del Libro, Valencia.
2012     Hay gente ke vive en las paredes, Contemporary art space, La Barbera, Vila Joiosa.
2011     Caminante, Cultural House of Manises.
2010     Desde que era retoño, juego a atrapar tardes de otoño, space Vimambi,Granada. 
2009     Descubriendo a solas el sabor de las cerezas, space La Tertulia, Granada.
2009     Confía en ti, space El Entresuelo, Granada.
2009     Busco un tu, donde cobijar mi yo ,  restaurant El Trasgu, Granada.
2015      Valencia´s National Illustration Circuit
2013      Art Aladroc Exhibition (original illustrations from the Col·lecció Aladroc Editions) Tour in Vil·la Vicenta of Alcoi, Casa de la Cultura of Altea and University of Alicante.
2012      Al pie de la letra, works around the poems of Bertol Bech, Altea
2012      Entre el polvo, I loft Valencia, Valencia
2006      Hangares , Hangares del Ferrocarril, Altea
2006      Migraciones, Culturale House of Elda, Alicante
2005      Setmana d`art de Callosa. Alicante


2007      I don´t want to be ugly, Vilnius, Lithuania.Mentions and Awards
2017 My Book “La Espera” is finalist in the Gran Canaria´s Library International Concurs (A Buen Paso Editions).
2017 My book “Me Gustan los Globos” is selected by the ICEX to be in the Newspanish Books project (EE.UU).
2015 Selection in the Valencia´s National illustration Circuit.
2013      Accesit for the best photografy serie in the Nacional Bienal of Photography of de Manises City, Valencia. Estudio Morfológico.
2013      Selection in the internacional art fair Incubarte 2013, Valencia.
2012      Selection in the internacional photografy Concurse MontPhoto, Si tus caricias fuerán caracoles…, Dime…
2012      Photografy Award in the Bernia contest, University of Fine Arts of Altea, Miguel                      Hernandez Elche, Prefiero complicarme la vida  (Caminante)
2012      Concurse of abstract paint, La Nucia, selection work, Demasiado tarde
2012      Concurse of painting, Caixa Altea, selection work, Mar adentro.
2010      First Award in the photography concurse  Salón Nacional Matías Devesa, Vila Joyosa,Caminante.
2010      Torrent jove, Torrente, selection photography, Juego de perros y gatos.


2012      Bernia Contest, University of Fine Art from Altea, Miguel Hernández Elche. Prefiero complicarme la vida  (Caminante).