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Peter Grundy AKA Grundini - has been shaping visual narratives for four decades. As a pioneer of infographics, he has developed a remarkable ability to communicate complex messages with visual simplicity.

In 1980 he co-founded Grundy & Northedge, where over 26 years he developed an approach to design more about explanation than selling. Today, he continues his ground breaking work under the name Grundini, helping clients convey messages effectively and beautifully through visual storytelling.

Notable clients; 1980 to 2000

The World Bank
The United Nations
The British Council
The British Library
The Imperial War Museum
HMS Belfast
The Imperial War Museum
The V&A
Times Newspapers
Readers Digest

Notable clients; 2000 to present day

Shell International
World Economic Forum
World Energy Council
Institute of Civil Engineers
Harvard University
University of California
Alan Fletcher
The Guardian
Big Picture Press
PayPal Business
Happify Health
American Academy of Neurology