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advertising design techniques / style




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techniques / style

digital graphic
wired cover.jpg

Lets Reboot Britain / Wired

tronnox people:tronnox.jpg

Tronnox People

shell new energy future campaign1:jwt.jpg

New Energy Future 1 / Shell

cover energy:letterone.jpg

Energy Cover

wec shareholder poster:world economic forum.jpg

Shareholder / World Economic Forum

wec shareholder poster:world economic forum copy.jpg

World Economic Forum Posters

technology at your fingertips.jpg

Technology At Your Fingertips

humanbody spread2:big picture pressX.jpg

The Body Book

g2 rubbish:guardian.jpg

Rubbish / The Guardian

NRN_May 2023 cover.jpg

Restaurant Growth Report / Nation's Restaurant News

our offer diagram:oneplan.jpg

One Plan

law for companies:osborne clarke.jpg

Law For Companies / Osborne Clarke

g2 pets:guardian.jpg

Pets / The Guardian

select committees:nesta.jpg

Select Committees / Nesta

tronnox results:tronnox.jpg

Tronnox 2

our future:hyundai.jpg

Our Future / Hyundai

lighting cover1:citytouch.jpg

Lighting / City Touch


Drive / Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

heart diagram:big picture press.jpg

Heart Diagram / Big Picture Press

50 years of nhs:royal mail.jpg

50 Years Of NHS / Royal Mail

vision 350poster:stationers hall.jpg

Vision 350


Icon Libary / Paypal

whathappenswhen:menshealth magazine.jpg

What Happens When / Men's Health Magazine


Grunedit A-Z

product tree:interoute.jpg

Product Tree / Interoute

cover:creative review.jpg

Creative Review Illustration Annual

continuum 3:aan.jpg

Continuum 3

continuum 4:aan.jpg

Continuum 4

continuum 1:aan.jpg

Spinal Cord Disorders / Continuum

continuum 2:aan.jpg

Dementia / Continuum

bus campaign:city of york.jpg

York By Bus

fun icons.jpg

Fun Icons

company product 4:freeman events.jpg

Scaleable / Freeman

cover tec:letterone.jpg


company product 2:freeman events.jpg

Event Success / Freeman

cover retail:letterone.jpg


company product 1:freeman events.jpg

Audio Visual / Freeman

company product 3:freeman events.jpg

Fabrication / Freeman

bodyparts spread:esquire magazine.jpg

Body Parts / Esquire Magazine

tree of skills:guardian.jpg

Tree Of Skills / The Guardian

g2 fashion:guardian.jpg

Fashion / The Guardian

shell new energy future campaign2:jwt.jpg

New Energy Future 3 / Shell

shell new energy future campaign3:jwt.jpg

New Engery Future 2 / Shell

shell scenario icon library 2001:shell internation.jpg

Shell Scenario Icons 2001

death spread:mens health magazine.jpg

Death / Men's Health Magazine

dhl logistics diagram:dhl.jpg

DHL Logistics

science for kids:royal institute.jpg

Science For Kids / Royal Institute

how much was eaten in court of henry8:hampton court.jpg

How Much Was Eaten In The Court Of Henry 8th / Hampton Court

shell scenario icon library 2004:shell internation.jpg

Shell Scenario Icon Library


Sex / LA Magazine

health tree:letterone.jpg

Health Tree

food distribution for BRICS:modus magazine.jpg

Food Distribution / Modus Magazine

air traffic control diagram:nats.jpg

Air Traffic Control Diagram

how does an airport work?:gatwick.jpg

How Does An Airport Work

energy cycle:british gas.jpg

Energy Cycle / British Gas

law in the medical industry:osborne clarke.jpg

Law In The Medical Industry / Osborne Clarke

law for technology:osborne clarke.jpg

Law For Technology / Osborne Clarke



tronnox customers:tronnox.jpg


company structure diagram:proxima.jpg

Company Structure / Proxima

brandbuilding guide:tlc.jpg

Brand Building Guide

lighting cover2:citytouch.jpg


power statement4:happify.jpg

Power Statement 4

power statement3:happify.jpg

Power Statement 3

power statement2:happify.jpg

Power Statement 2

power statement5:happify.jpg

Power Statement 5

power statement1:happify.jpg

Power Statement 1

prweek cover.jpg

PR Week

nobel prize cover:universty of california.jpg

Nobel Prize / Universty Of California

information poster1:world energy council.jpg

World Energy Council

information poster2:world energy council.jpg

World Energy Council 2

wisr campaign1:bmeof.jpg

Wisr 1

wisr campaign2:bmeof.jpg

Wisr 2

wisr campaign3:bmeof.jpg

Wisr 3

nobel prize1 image:universty of california.jpg

Nobel Prize 2

nobel prize3 image:universty of california.jpg

Nobel Prize 3

nobel prize2 image:universty of california.jpg

Nobel Prize 4

wec datocracy poster:world economic forum.jpg

Datocracy / World Economic Forum

wec citystate poster:world economic forum.jpg

Citystate / World Economic Forum

shell scenario icon library 2008:shell internation.jpg

Shell Scenario Icons

what we do landscape:laing.jpg

What We Do Landscape

humanbody cover:big picture press.jpg

Human Body Cover

cover:computer arts.jpg

Computer Arts

energy power:hertel.jpg

Energy Power / Hertel

energy process:hertel.jpg

Energy Process / Hertel

energy oilgas:hertel.jpg

Energy Oil And Gas / Hertel

energy offshore:hertel.jpg

Energy Offshore / Hertel

transform awards poster1X.jpg

Transform Awards

age of energy1:shell internationalX.jpg

Age Of Energy

information poster3:world energy council X.jpg

World Endergy Council

nesta TFoPI cover X.jpg

Select Committees

shell new energy future campaign1:jwt copy.jpg

Shell New Energy Future Campaign


Peter Grundy AKA Grundini - has been shaping visual narratives for four decades. As a pioneer of infographics, he has developed a remarkable ability to communicate complex messages with visual simplicity.

In 1980 he co-founded Grundy & Northedge, where over 26 years he developed an approach to design more about explanation than selling. Today, he continues his ground breaking work under the name Grundini, helping clients convey messages effectively and beautifully through visual storytelling.

Notable clients; 1980 to 2000

The World Bank
The United Nations
The British Council
The British Library
The Imperial War Museum
HMS Belfast
The Imperial War Museum
The V&A
Times Newspapers
Readers Digest

Notable clients; 2000 to present day

Shell International
World Economic Forum
World Energy Council
Institute of Civil Engineers
Harvard University
University of California
Alan Fletcher
The Guardian
Big Picture Press
PayPal Business
Happify Health
American Academy of Neurology